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Honda Sakura
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Even the blossoming flowers
Will eventually scatter
Who in our world
Is unchanging?
The deep mountains of vanity--
We cross them today
And we shall not see superficial dreams
Nor be deluded.

:bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletred:

-- 日本国 --

-- J A P A N --

-- || Honda Sakura || 本田サクラ || --
-- || Headcanons || Relationships || Biography || Hachiko || --

:bulletred: Name: Honda Sakura (Japan).
:bulletred: Gender: Female.
:bulletred: Age: 20 (or looks like it. Real age unknown).
:bulletred: Birthday: February 11.
:bulletred: Sexual Orientation: Straight.
:bulletred: National Language: Japanese.
:bulletred: Capital: Tokyo.
:bulletred: Population: 126,659,683.

- Status!-

She is currently a calm and happy person. Perhaps even a bit excited for future festivities. She seems to be perfectly healthy in mental state, and there is perhaps a small chance for her to catch a cold in these cold times.
Name: Jane.
Age: 16.
Main Account: SolemnlyIndifferent

- Does not know Hetalia that well, so please bear with her for a while.
- Can only RP, and cannot draw at all.
- Is a student and has problem with muses, so do not expect consistent/continuous/fast replies.
- Prefers lit RP over script RPs, but does not mind script RPs.
- Needs to at least post three paragraphs, five sentences each (it was a a bad habit that carried over from an RP site and still can't get rid off, and this is for lit RPs only). You don't have to do so too, but RPs may either be longer/shorter than you're accustomed to.
     - With times of very low muses, RPs tend to fluctuate between one to two paragraphs.
- The more given to write, the more the admin writes, and vice versa.
- Does not know any sort of Japanese, does not expect to use any Japanese, and may go down to the standards of using Google Translate if forced to.
- Does not do any smut, at all, not even in notes (not exactly like Sakura either to do something like that).
- Does not mind gore, actually likes gore but does not write it as much, but will have to be in notes.
- Does not mind any ship, as long as it's a hetero one (since Sakura's straight) and as long as it makes sense.

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{ Why hello there lovely Japanese flower v u v
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(( Wheeee..... so sorry to bother you.

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How do you view Sakura's relation with 1P!Nyo!China~ Because I have no creativity ))
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GercekBirBayan Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
"Oh Sakura...~"The Turkish women called. She was walking towards the other with a huge grin on her tan face, her green eyes seeming to glitter. If she looked this happy, it must be important, right? As she reached the Japanese women you could see her hands behind her back. "Guess what I just got, huh?"she asked.
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itsumo-ichiban Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
He spotted the Japanese female. Is it her? What if it's not her, I'd make a fool outta myself. He eyed her from a distance and finally made up his mind. It is her. "Hey, Sakura!" He waved and walked towards her. Once infront of her he bowed before the female and smiled. "Konnichiwa, onee-san!"

( throws this lame starter at you
i swear to god im not a weaboo
hes just japanese im gomen )
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hello, aberdeen send me here...
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